About Domenica

Domenica Corbo has made her childhood passion of calligraphy and drawing letters into her lifelong profession. Self taught, she began drawing letters at age six. In 1981, the professional calligrapher was born. She draws over forty calligraphic letter styles that include the very simple Humanist Bookhand that Gutenburg adapted for his first typeset Bible, the complex Blackletter (Old English) from the Middle Ages, the Uncial letter style used by the monks in the 4th-5th   centuries, the ever popular Chancery Cursive (Italic) from the Italian Renaissance, the Roman Majuscles borrowed from the ancient Romans, as well as variations of the familiar Script drawn by Spencer and Palmer from years past. Using hundreds of pens from all over the world,  Domenica can make the calligraphy letters as thick or as thin as you may desire with any color. Calligraphy can be drawn on beautiful handmade papers from all over the world, most notably Italy, France, England and Nepal. The addition of beautiful gold leafing makes the piece more special. She has drawn lettering and calligraphy on many other things besides paper- chalkboards, glass, wood, fly fishing rods, frames, windows, mirrors, walls, footballs, sand dollars, wine bottles and far too many others to list.

Custom design and calligraphy for:
Wedding and Special Event Invitations and Announcements, Menus, Place Cards and Table Cards, Seating and Menu Boards, Wedding Vows, Favorite Quotations and Songs, Thank You Notes, Holiday Cards, Ketubot for Jewish Weddings, Envelope Addressing, Logo Design, Maps, Signage, Book Inscriptions

Domenica’s corporate client list includes Neiman Marcus, Tiffany&Co., LouisVuitton, Mont Blanc, Phoenix Art Museum, Fender Guitar, Chopard Jewelers NYC, Montelucia Resort, Arizona Opera, Child Help USA,  ASU and many Charity Balls.

Calligraphy Service

The word calligraphy literally means “beautiful writing”.  Before the invention of the printing press 500 years ago, calligraphy was the way books were made, each copy being written out by a scribe’s hand in the period book-hands.

Calligraphy and hand-lettering can be used for any purpose, Domenica utilizes over 40 letterstyles as well as Hebrew.  Handwritten calligraphy can be used for envelopes, social calligraphy, invitations, certificates, diplomas, citations, letterheads, posters, graphic design, logos, ketubot, works of art and packaging.

If your project requires custom lettering for invitations, art work, tattoos or the lettering on a building, you have found an extraordinary calligrapher Domenica Corbo.   She loves the written word, and will make your request a work of art!