Welcome to the  online Shopping Page.  On the SHOP page we have items listed, which are for direct purchase and are in stock.  For additional custom lettering on items such as Corinthians 13, send me a message from the “contact” page and we can obtain the appropriate spelling of any additional naming you would like added to those art pieces.

When a calligraphy art work has been created a master drawing is created. All lettering is by hand, so the time is taken to develop the best size of an artwork, and lettering style.  Domenica then creates versions of the lettering on paper, spacing out the works across the page to create a balanced and beautiful view of the lettering.  Then the selection of a type of paper.  Some paper types that have been selected handmade, and are from Nepal.   Different handmade papers, not only have different shades of coloring but vary in their many textures as well. Once the paper is chose, and that the layout is ready, Domenica goes into making a final version of her lettering.

For the Lettering artwork of the Cowboys Christmas poem, Night Before Christmas and This Christmas art pieces she wanted to have custom art created which the lettering would finally be placed upon. So, she engaged a local artist who created oil paintings of the images she described.  With a little help from technology the color image was brought together with her Lettering, allowing for ease of readability, of the letters while appreciating the artwork which the paper displays as if its gently under the letters.

All Calligraphy artwork listed on the page can be viewed in a snippet by clicking once, then just below the image, you can click on the smaller thumbnails which appears, so that you can see a full page high resolution image of the artwork for your review.

To purchase any item, just click the “Add to Cart” directly under the item you desire, and we will get to work on shipping your item(s) to you.

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